Raise the driving age

raise the driving age A tragic accident in alexandria may reopen the discussion on a higher driving age.

Earlier today, wkyc posted a story from the cincinnati enquirer about a proposed ohio bill that would require drivers to wait one year after getting their driver's permit before testing for a full time license, instead of the current six months while teens could still get a permit at age 15 and a half, lawmakers. Raise the driving age. Of course, many people oppose measures to raise the legal driving age to 18, citing that a 35 or 50-year-old has the potential to be a reckless and dangerous driver too, and it isn't fair to discriminate simply based on age proponents of maintaining the driving age at 16 say that new drivers will always have. Driving ages should be raised to 18 in all 50 states to cut down on the number of traffic fatalities each year how many times do we hear about 15, 16 and 17-year- olds being killed in wrecks because they lost control of the vehicle and didn't wear seatbelts get a hint--the age of 16 is too young and too immature to start. Powerful reasons to raise the driving age last updated at 11:17 21 september 2006 no wonder the judge had to fight back his tears elizabeth davidson's tribute to her 26-year-old daughter margaret, killed by a speeding teenage driver, must surely rank as one of the most heartbreaking statements ever put before a court. Thirteen more people would die on victoria's roads each year, and 200 more would be seriously injured, if the legal driving age is lowered from 18 to 17, vicroads estimates an inquiry has been launched into whether 17-year-olds should have the right to get their p-plates in victoria, which would bring the. Was 18 years old, 2005 the driving age should raise the current legal driving year olds decreased when the driving argumentative essay builder graphs videos service and others call this the brain was a minor the day-to-day lives english grammar essays writing germany is still an essay don t wait to find this essay. There are arguments that the legal driving age is too low, and this causes an unacceptably high level of traffic accidents raising the driving age, would ensure young drivers are more experienced and less prone to rash judgements which can put other road users at risk arguments for raising the legal.

Three democratic senators are proposing a national graduated driver licensing ( gdl) law, which would replace individual state laws for new drivers with a national standard the biggest change from the legislation would be a raise from the minimum learner's permit age to 16 (it's 14 or 15 in many states. A teen must be 17 to join the military, 18 to vote or smoke, and 21 to drink, but can drive when much younger should this change. Taking aim at a longstanding rite of passage for 16-year-olds, an influential auto safety group is calling on states to raise the age for getting a driver's license to 17 or even 18 adrian lund, president of the insurance institute for highway safety, a research group funded by the auto insurance industry,. A recent statistical study by the iihs suggests that raising the minimum driving age may lead to lower rates of crashes and fatalities among young drivers.

Amy pfeiler has been the family chauffeur for a long time, driving her kids to everything from sports practices and voice lessons to after-school jobs but with her youngest child finally on the. The legal driving age in the united states is just 15 years old (permit drivers) is this too young should we raise the driving age. Parents from one end of ohio to the other dread that one phone call about a crash involving another teen at the wheel it came in november 2012 for the parents of three bellbrook high school girls killed after a 17-year-old boy lost control of an extended cab dodge pickup truck loaded with six teenagers.

Your phone rings and you answer on the other end is a georgia state patrolman with a message that your teenage son or daughter has been involved in an auto accident instantly your world turns upside down, your heart begins to race, your mind speeds through a series of horrible scenarios, and as you. Teens only make up seventeen percent of the population today, but almost twenty percent of fatal crashes are due to teenagers behind the wheel growing numbers suggest to change the driving age to eighteen and some even believe that changing it to twenty-one may save even more lives with a sixteen year old behind.

Raise the driving age

The insurance institute for highway safety probably is right in saying the roads would be safer if the age for getting a driver's license were raised to 17 or 18 but, for a variety of reasons, we doubt that will happen anytime soon, if ever the roads almost certainly would be safer without 15- and 16-year-olds. While some believe raising the driving age would lower teen-related car accidents, others advocate the complete opposite as the solution for the same problem one problem, opposite solutions in march, the administrative authorities of the australian state of victoria rejected the proposition to lower the.

  • The insurance institute for highway safety has issued a report calling on states to raise the minimum driving age to 17 or 18 while i share the.
  • It's a question that could reverberate across the country, wherever a new teen driver is turning a key in an ignition is 16 the right age to get a driver's license researchers for the insurance institute for highway safety say the answer is no, and they point to statistics to back up the position that raising the.

[editor's note: after this column, rafe mair is taking a well-earned holiday and will be back september 10] as a general rule i place the musings of insurance company's right up there with pinocchio when his nose was longest especially i have little if any regard for the musings of allstate with whom i once. Should the minimum legal driving age of teenage drivers be raised from 16 to 17 or 18 we consider the impact of getting your driver's license too early--and too late join the debate. What did you find hardest about learning to drive should the minimum age for taking a test be lifted to 18, with a further year “on probation” after passing, including a ban on night driving and on carrying passengers under the age of 30 that's the proposal being mooted by the government, in the hope of. The age at which you can legally drive varies from country to country1, but in many places it is lower than 18 in some american states it is 15 or younger usually you are allowed to take a driving test a year or more before you can vote or drink alcohol as young drivers are the ones most likely to have accidents2, from time.

raise the driving age A tragic accident in alexandria may reopen the discussion on a higher driving age. raise the driving age A tragic accident in alexandria may reopen the discussion on a higher driving age.
Raise the driving age
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